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Multi-satellite navigation is becoming the new trend
Release date:【2012.7.23】
    Now more widely in our lives through the positioning of satellite system navigation, the development of global navigation satellite system is also very fast. Global GPS satellite navigation system and the Russian Glonass satellite navigation system in operation, as well as improve the accuracy of SBAS satellite system based on the GPS satellite system, such as SBAS system in the United States, Europe, Japan and India have also been the official carrier. Europe’s Galileo, and Beidou Compass satellite navigation system is still under construction. Expected the United States to complete a total of 32 GPS satellites launch in 2013, Russia completed the Glonass satellite launch 27 (3 spare); navigation satellite will reach 12 covering Asia, next year we will be able to use China’s own navigation satellite positioning and navigation. To above the Earth in 2019 is expected to reach 140 satellite for global navigation and positioning.
    GPS is currently the most popular global navigation satellite system, 5-14 GPS satellites at any point on Earth can be observed in some harsh environments, such as urban skyscrapers, roads, satellite mostly obscured able to receive satellitedecline, and even received are reflected signal, so that the navigation device output location information will have greater drift. In order to improve the reliability of the navigation in harsh environments, precise navigation and positioning satellite system navigation is the trend of future development, so can see more satellites in the same location. In order to reflect better the stability and accuracy of the multi-satellite systems, navigation, Fastrax in the United States Dallas for a support multi-satellite systems, navigation products - IT600, with a market on GPS products for testing in contrast, was the antenna of the navigation products drive test on the car under the seat (simulated harsh environment), for the right of the drive line test data to be imported into Google Earth to see the location information, the blue is the the IT600 drive circuit diagram, the yellow is the drive circuit diagram of a GPS , we can clearly see the blue location information has remained very stable, yellow positioning information drift. The same lines, IT600 will have better accuracy and reliability? Because the testing process at any one time, IT600 has received a total of 8 to 12 satellites from the GPS and GLONASS positioning, and GPS product search to only 4 to 6 GPS satellites, so the IT600 positioning more accurate.
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